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Den blomstertid nu kommer

Here’s a sneak peak of Crazy Pictures‘s “Den blomstertid nu kommer”! Premieres midsummer 2018. We’ve done a lot of VFX work!

Prod: Crazy Pictures

The Square wins Palme d’Or

With Goodbye Kansas we did VFX for The Square. The first Swedish movie that wins Palme d’Or in Cannes in 66 years!

Director: Ruben Östlund
Prod: Platform Produktion
VFX Supervisor: Johan Edström
VFX: Goodbye Kansas

Jamaican Me Happy!

Lovely fruity taste. For girls that wants it colorful. 🙂

We did animation and compositing. Also, we used our green screen studio for the shoot!
Client: Seagram’s
Director: Jimmy Ahlander
Prod: Pixeltown

Viceroy’s House

With Filmgate films and Film i Väst as co-producers we did about 30 shots in this movie.

Director: Gurinder Chadha
VFX Sup: Martin Malmqvist
Post: Filmgate VFX

Ultra High Pressure

Web banners and big wall posters that illustrates Cejn’s product lineup.

Great creative work from concept to final picture.
Client: Cejn

I’m made of black

Our feather expert Anders, a.k.a. Birdman, created a raven and did compositing.

Together with FABLEfx we delivered this TVC and print for the launch of Black edition of Kånken No.2.
Client: Fjällräven
Agency: Round and Round
Production: FABLEfx


VFX for the Swedish feature Tjuvjägaren.

Animals, fire, smoke, rain, thunder and day-for-night grades for 64 shots. Watch this short behind the scenes video.
Director: John Thornblad
Producers: Johan Fågelström, John Thornblad
VFX Supervisor: Anders Nyman
Prod: Affect Film

Guardian angel

A batch of 9 films with CG wings for Trygg Hansa.

Together with FABLEfx we delivered 4 TVC’s and 5 web promos.
Client: Trygg Hansa
Agency: Lowe Brindfors
Prod: Colony
Post: FABLEfx, Colony

The Boy

Together with friends at FABLEfx we delivered a bit over 50 shots for The Boy.

A horror-thriller that premiered in Januari 2016. We added blood, crashed mirrors and did a lot of set-extensions.
Director: William Brent Bell
VFX Supervisor: James McQuaide
VFX Sup (FABLEfx): Anders Nyman
Post: FABLEfx

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