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VFX made easy

We are an experienced team of artists and we love all bits about creating awesome visual effects. Our idea is to be fast en flexible. Finding the right solutions for your film and to have a process that is transparent and smooth. We make that easy with three ingredients - A lot of communication, delicate planning and tons of lovely computer magic.

Dupp film started as a family business by the brothers Anders and Per Nyman in 2015. They both have a background in VFX. Our studio is located  in Karlsborg in central Sweden (VG region). Being located on the countryside has many advantages and for our clients the main positive effect is value.

Independent and happy

We are a VFX provider with a core team of solely artists. The team have a wide repetuar creating advanced 3d set-extensions, simulating fire, water and smoke, crafting creatures and digi-doubles. But we’re also experts in clean-ups, green screens and sky replacements. We are connected to a great network of brilliant people, ranging from cost-efficient outsourcing-shops to the best talents around. That allows us to build the optimal team for your project. We simply put the money where you get the most out of it!

Technology and infrastructure

Don’t want to spoil the details, but we are building monsters. Our monsters like to render and process data, they do it fast... and they are growing! This means we can work fast. Our servers has off-site backups with redundancy. This means that the work we create is safe.

Remote online workflow
On-set VFX magician
Our monsters like to render

Take a look behind the scenes

We can help you and your company to create new worlds. Nothing is impossible. You can use the slider beneath to see the before and after our VFX for the Ericsson commercial.

Want to know more?

There is a lot of exciting things happening in the VFX world and in the life of Dupp Film. Just give us a call, email or come visit us and we will tell you all about it!

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