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This is Dupp – VFX for film, TV and games

We are a creative VFX studio

Everything we do is driven by our love of the craft, a craving to invent, and a desire to exceed expectations. Our idea is to be fast and flexible. To have a process that is transparent and smooth. We make that easy with three ingredients - A lot of communication, delicate planning and tons of lovely computer magic.

Dupp film started as a family business by Anders and Per Nyman in 2015. They both have a background in VFX. Our studio is located in central Sweden (VG region). Creating VFX from a small town have given us room to be creative and deliver more actual value to our clients.

Love for the craft

Dupp Film is about close collaboration with directors and creatives. Solving complex creative challanges. Creating fantastic pictures. Quality over quantity. Culture over corporation... and love for the craft.

Technology vs Humans

With our own softwares we manage to output large amount of shots pretty quick. Offsite backup is happening on daily basis. Read more about our tech at dupp.se/lab.

Remote online workflow.
VFX services in VG region and on Gotland.
Storage, backup and computing.

With love for compositing

Try some compositing yourself, just swipe below. Thats how it’s done! Greenscreen is not always needed but saves us time.

Want to know more?

There is a lot of exciting things happening in the VFX world and in the life of Dupp Film. Just give us a call, email or come visit us and we will tell you all about it!

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